CEO’s Message

Jafar D. Jafar - CEO

Jafar D. JafarCEO

“We established Uruk to participate in the reconstruction of Iraq and to make sure the projects we undertake adhere to the highest quality benchmarks possible. Engineering firms in Iraq face a number of concerns such as security risks, legal opacity, shortages in material and skilled labor, and logistical hurdles; and we were determined to overcome these challenges and deliver world class work.

We made sure we had the people in place to take on board any construction task; and we also took a strategic decision to focus our efforts on the critical infrastructure projects necessary to help reinvigorate Iraq’s economy. With the specialized, Iraqi talent we have, we can get the job done in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our experts are well versed in the power generation as well as oil & gas sectors; and they bring their knowledge to bear on any challenge we commit to, whether it is simply to rehabilitate existing facilities or deliver a 1000 megawatt power plant. We also have the cash reserves and equity holdings to give us the financial strength to leverage our capabilities and guarantee the fulfillment of our obligations for many years to come.”