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Uruk Determined to Help Rebuild Iraq’s Energy Sector

Concludes participation in 3rd Qualitative Fair of Electricity, May 8 – 11 Baghdad: Uruk Engineering & Contracting concluded its participation in the 3rd Qualitative Fair of Electricity, held under the patronage of the Minister of Electricity. Uruk, an Engineering, Procurement and Contracting (EPC) firm, highlighted it’s achievements in completing a number of major projects in Iraq; and managers at the firm held meetings with a number of government and business figures to explore the possibilities of establishing private projects in the electricity sector.    Despite short term challenges in the country, Iraq’s power sector continues to attract attention from both multinational as well as local investors interested in working with the …More ›

Uruk Participates in 6th Basra Oil & Gas Event

Basra: Uruk Engineering and Contracting showcased its Engineering, Procurement and Contracting (EPC) capabilities at the 6th annual Basra Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference held at the Basra International Fair Ground from February 3rd to 6th, 2016. The company’s participation marks the third time the contractor took part in the event; and it highlighted the completion of its Taji Power Plant Project as well as the Mansuriya Power Plant Project. The exhibition also provided the firm with a platform to explore its expansion into related fields. “We have a strong financial position and technical expertise,” said Dr. Alaa Hussein who leads engineering; “and this has allowed us to consider entering projects …More ›


Uruk CEO Joins Society of Petroleum Engineers’ Iraq Steering Committee

  Dubai: Dr Jafar D Jafar, Chief Executive Officer of Uruk Engineering and Contracting, has accepted an invitation to join the Society for Petroleum Engineers’ steering committee preparing for the SPE Symposium: “Iraq—The Petroleum Potentiality and Future of Energy,” to be held in Amman, Jordan on the 9th and 10th of March, 2016. The electricity shortages Iraq has faced in recent years continue to pose a challenge for both the public and private sectors. Existing power plants in particular often do not receive sufficient fuel supplies to operate at full capacity; and gas fields slated for exploration frequently stand idle. The government continues to seek solutions; and in doing so …More ›


Iraqi Ministry of Electricity Presents Uruk “Innovation & Excellence” Award

Concludes 4 day electricity exhibition Baghdad: Uruk Engineering & Contracting concluded its participation in the 2nd Qualitative Fair of Electricity on a high note, with the Ministry of Electricity (MoE) and exhibition organizers presenting the Engineering, Procurement and Contracting (EPC) firm with an award for innovation and excellence in the field of power generation, as well as a certificate of appreciation for event participation. Iraq’s power sector continues to attract attention from both multinational as well as local investors interested in working with the government to service a shortfall in electricity. Several high ranking officials explored possible areas of cooperation with Uruk’s management at the event. These included H.E. Qasim …More ›


Uruk highlights power needs during Iraq’s Missan exhibition

Missan: Uruk Engineering & Contracting participated in the “Second International Conference and Fair of Missan for Energy, Construction, and Investment” in Amara this week. The governor of Missan, Ali Dawai Lazem, was on hand to review the power projects Uruk has completed in Iraq; and he discussed the requirements for successful investment and development in the nation’s energy sector with senior staff.  Uruk has been at the forefront of rebuilding Iraq’s energy sector, focusing on power plant rehabilitation and construction. It’s participation in the Missan exhibition is part of the firm’s strategy to engage with government officials and the private sector and work towards identifying solutions for the nation’s energy …More ›


Iraq’s electricity generation needs urgent fuel supply

London: Iraq’s electricity shortages cannot be resolved unless sufficient fuel flows to the power plants feeding Iraq’s national grid, according to Dr Jafar D. Jafar, co-founder and CEO of Uruk Engineering & Contracting. He addressed an audience of leading energy sector decision-makers about the “Gas Challenge for Iraq’s Power Sector” at the Iraq Power and Iraq Petroleum conferences held recently. Uruk’s CEO highlighted the short-fall in fuel availability, particularly gas, currently impacting Iraq’s power generation capacity. He noted that the current gas fuel shortage has decreased Iraq’s power availability on the national grid by at least 3000 MW. Major Power plants such as Nainawa (6×125 MW), Al-Mansurya (4×182 MW) and …More ›


The Challenges of Providing Fuel to Iraq’s Power Sector

Dr. Jafar D. Jafar, CEO of the Uruk Group, recently gave an address at the Iraq Future Energy Forum about “The Challenges of Providing Fuel to Iraq’s Power Sector.” The event brought together prominent members of the oil and gas as well as power sectors, including government officials, NGOs and the private sector. Dr. Jafar underscored the fact that Iraq’s power sector has a number of critical challenges that require careful attention. First is the actual supply of fuel, particularly natural gas, once a power plant is on line. Second, ensuring plans and people are in place to not only operate but properly maintain the facilities. And finally, identifying an …More ›


Taji Power Plant Project Goes Online – Electricity to reach up to 50,000 homes

Baghdad: Iraq’s future is a 168 megawatt brighter today as the Ministry of Electricity and the Emirati firm Uruk Engineering & Contracting announced that the Taji Power Plant Project is now online and operational. The Ministry of Electricity had launched a “fast track” program for its power generation projects following the announcement; and the Taji development is the first “fast track” project to have been completed, aided by the ministry’s commitment to facilitate the steps needed to accomplish this task. Uruk stayed true to its mission less than two years after being awarded the project. It is the first Iraqi-managed firm to bring a power plant online since the program …More ›

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Taji Power Plant Nearing Completion

Baghdad, Iraq: Uruk Engineering & Contracting successfully synchronized the third unit (1B) of the Taji Power Plant , a project commissioned by the Iraqi government in its ambitious plans to widen the power network available to the country. Engineers at the plant are preparing for the receipt of the fourth and final flow divider to be delivered by General Electric. Dr.Sabah Al-Obaidi, Training & Development Manager at the General Directorate for Gas Power Plants Projects, note the achievement was “absolutely marvellous”and a “splendid, outstanding” step forward. He noted that the anticipated completion of the project would be a beacon on the Ministry of Electricity’s path of innovation in the energy …More ›


Uruk Starts Electrical Works at the Taji Power Plant

Baghdad, Iraq: Iraq is a step closer to better energy availability with the commencement in August of electrical works at the Taji Power Plant, an expansion project the Ministry of Electricity awarded to Uruk Engineering and Contracting. The design stage of the project has reached 97% completion, while remaining activities such as roads and the sewerage system, do not affect the plant’s operation. Pulling and terminated power and control cables are in progress following the start of electrical works; and cold loop checks will begin later. This tender covers the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) works at the power plant which is comprised of 4x6B Gas Turbo-Generators (GTGs) that the …More ›