Uruk highlights power needs during Iraq’s Missan exhibition

Missan: Uruk Engineering & Contracting participated in the “Second International Conference and Fair of Missan for Energy, Construction, and Investment” in Amara this week. The governor of Missan, Ali Dawai Lazem, was on hand to review the power projects Uruk has completed in Iraq; and he discussed the requirements for successful investment and development in the nation’s energy sector with senior staff. 

Uruk has been at the forefront of rebuilding Iraq’s energy sector, focusing on power plant rehabilitation and construction. It’s participation in the Missan exhibition is part of the firm’s strategy to engage with government officials and the private sector and work towards identifying solutions for the nation’s energy needs. 

Uruk considered the “Missan — the land of Energy and Gold” exhibition an ideal platform to achieve its goals as it highlighted both investment and development. The provincial government of Missan is one of the most successful in delivering public services, a fact globally reported including in a 2013 New York Times report. 

Uruk’s commitment to Iraq over the past seven years as a leader in the country’s most important energy projects was highlighted in 2014 upon the completion of its most recent power plant project in Al Mansuriya, as part of it three contract partnership with the Iraqi ministry of Electricity to rebuild the country’s infrastructure.  Uruk was the first EPC contractor to complete a Ministry of Electricity (MoE) Fast Track project; and it completed the 724 MW project in record time. The firm’s efforts culminated with an impressive EHS record of 6 million man-hours recorded without major incident on site in the company’s execution of projects at Taji, Qudus and Mansuriya.



Uruk Engineering & Contracting

Uruk is a fully Iraqi-owned company with offices in Baghdad and Dubai. The company offers turnkey solutions with single source responsibility for all its projects, employing the best local expertise while seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology, resources and best practices. Uruk has worked with several global players such as Bechtel International, GE, and ABB and served several Iraqi ministries.  

Dr. Jafar co-founded the Uruk Project Development Company in Dubai during 2003. He has extensive experience in the power generation field, having led Iraq’s electricity reconstruction efforts from 1991 to 1999 as well as serving as Chairman of the Iraqi National Committee for Technology Transfer from 1996 to 2003. Dr. Jafar is a staunch supporter of education and an accomplished author, penning and co-authoring numerous authoritative research papers in the area of energy and related industries. Dr. Jafar earned his PhD in physics from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom.