Uruk has worked with several global players such as Bechtel International and served several Iraqi ministries.

Engineering Process

URUK provides single source responsibility for its projects supplying

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engineering, procurement and construction services from commissioning through to facilities management. URUK Engineering Services maximizes value by using a purpose designed Quality Management System. Our policy is to maintain effective processes that ensure specified quality is achieved in the completed works.

We focus on these areas to achieve success:

  • Interface liaison
  • Risk analysis
  • Sourcing experienced Iraqis
  • Providing legal and marketing facilities
  • Materials handling
  • Streamlining logistics
  • Facilitating host-country transfer.

Design and Construction Process

Uruk’s design principles are based on thorough site investigations and the application of proven standards. The design team develops detailed optimization plans through innovative planning tools such as the Plant Design Management System (PDMS) and by relying on isometric drawings for fabrication and construction.

The teams adhere to a Quality Management System (QMS) that involves four dimensions: Project Quality Plan (PQP), Quality Control (QC), Quality Assurance (QA), and Quality Improvement. An important element to the QA process is ensuring appropriate codes are applied, particularly where equipment is to be designed, constructed and tested. These include, for example, ANSI for mechanical, ACI for civil, IEC for electrical and NFPA for fire fighting and protection.