Uruk CEO Joins Society of Petroleum Engineers’ Iraq Steering Committee


Dubai: Dr Jafar D Jafar, Chief Executive Officer of Uruk Engineering and Contracting, has accepted an invitation to join the Society for Petroleum Engineers’ steering committee preparing for the SPE Symposium: “Iraq—The Petroleum Potentiality and Future of Energy,” to be held in Amman, Jordan on the 9th and 10th of March, 2016.

The electricity shortages Iraq has faced in recent years continue to pose a challenge for both the public and private sectors. Existing power plants in particular often do not receive sufficient fuel supplies to operate at full capacity; and gas fields slated for exploration frequently stand idle. The government continues to seek solutions; and in doing so has reached out to local and multinational organizations.

The symposium the Society of Petroleum Engineers has organized will provide experts in the field a forum to share and exchange technical knowledge. Participants include senior officials from educational institutions and think tanks such as the University of Technology, the American University of Sharjah, the Ministry of Oil, as well as several multinational corporations from Russia, the Gulf Cooperation Council, Europe and North America.

Dr. Jafar is uniquely placed to add significant value to the symposium given his decades of service to the Iraqi people while in government and subsequently as head of one of Iraq’s largest Engineering, Procurement and Contracting (EPC) companies. He has extensive experience in the power generation field, having led Iraq’s electricity reconstruction efforts from 1991 to 1999 as well as serving as Chairman of the Iraqi National Committee for Technology Transfer from 1996 to 2003. Dr. Jafar is a staunch supporter of education and an accomplished author, penning and co-authoring numerous authoritative research papers in the area of energy and related industries.

The SPE steering committee performs a number of tasks including to: Plan and execute the technical program; select keynote speakers, facilitators, and discussion leaders; secure written, reproducible copies of presentation materials; moderate all sessions, including any break-out sessions; prevent commercialism in presentations and discussions; and promote the workshop among industry peers.

Workshops held during the event will focus on current best practices; and they are governed by the SPE Board of Directors under the SPE Meetings Policy. They are monitored by the Technical Programming and Meetings Sub-Committee of the Board.


Uruk Engineering & Contracting

Uruk is a fully integrated Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) company specialized in the Iraqi energy sector. It is an Iraqi-owned company established in 2003 and headquartered in the United Arab Emirates with offices in Baghdad and Dubai. The company is led by prominent Iraqi engineers and scientists whose collective experience spans decades in areas including oil, gas, nuclear power, electricity, water and waste management.

Uruk finished its first major project less than 2 years after its formation; and it completed the nation’s first Fast Track project in 2012. The Ministry of Electricity subsequently awarded Uruk the Mansuriya Power Plant Project in an internal joint venture with Alstom. Uruk fulfilled the construction and logistics portion of the project in record time, one year after commencement, with a multinational workforce. Uruk has worked with several global players such as Bechtel International, GE, and ABB and served several Iraqi ministries.