Uruk Branding

Uruk Unveils Revamped Brand Identity

Uruk Engineering and Contracting, one of Iraq’s leading, specialized engineering services firms, has launched a new brand identity and positioning that reflects the company’s commitment to global standards of operation in the energy sector.

“The timing is right for this launch,” said Dhia Jafar, head of business development. “We spent the past decade perfecting our operating procedures; and now, at the cusp of completing a major power plant expansion project at Taji, we felt it was crucial that we shared our passion for innovation with our partners in Iraq and around the world.”

The company’s new positioning, Powered by Pioneers, reflects the fact that Uruk came about when some of Iraq’s most prominent figures in the energy sector including oil, gas, nuclear power, electricity, water and waste management decided to dedicate their efforts to rebuild Iraq’s infrastructure from within the private sector.

“The founders of Uruk spent many years making sure Iraq had world class energy facilities,” said Jafar D. Jafar, the company’s Chief Executive Officer; “and we continue to look for new ways to bring efficiency to the energy sector through training, technology and innovative construction techniques. We felt this should be reflected in our we presented our company to the world.”

Uruk is a familiar brand in the nation’s engineering sector; and, as a result, the firm decided to enhance the logo, emphasizing the strength of its graphic heritage and using strong fonts to symbolize the sturdiness of the brand name. A complete Brand Identity Guidelines manual was developed and distributed to the company’s offices in Iraq and the United Arab Emirates to ensure consistency of the brand’s applications.